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VanCat Grey- Clumping litter with activated carbon (unscented) 10 L

This formula, prepared in a special mixing line with bentonite, belongs to the class of premium products thanks to the properties of activated carbon and bentonite.

Since the grain distribution from coarse to fine allows the liquid on the surface to pass immediately to the bottom, it completely eliminates problems such as mud and sticking to the legs.

Thanks to its extraordinary liquid absorption capacity, it allows longer use compared to other cat litters.

It is produced with advanced technology and packaged intact and offered for use.

Produced from 100% national resources.


No additives of animal origin were used in the production of the sands.

During the R&D phase of our products, no tests were carried out on living organisms.

It has the ISO9001-2015 quality certificate and
the TSE K-77 product certificate.

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Très bon produit

Très bon produit, pas d'odeur, et couvre bien les excréments du chat

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