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Serrano Duck Dog Sticks (16pcsx12g)

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Serrano Logo Natural Mediterranean Sticks for DogsNatural Mediterranean treats for dogs

Made with the traditional Serrano Snacks formula , our Serrano Sticks are individually vacuum-packed bars in rolls of 16 units . Its tablets allow you to tear and separate as many bars as you want and its easy opening makes it the ideal snack to take with you during your daily walk, on vacation or during outings and outings in the countryside.

Prepared with gluten-free raw materials, they contain no artificial colors, no transgenics or trans fatty acids. It is a hypoallergenic product (except the “salmon and tuna” bars) natural source of oleic acid. Salmon and tuna Serrano Sticks provide Omega 3 and 6.

Soft and very attractive for dogs, they provide proteins of high biological value and are easily absorbed and come in four flavors : lamb, duck, serrano ham, salmon and tuna.

With 70% meat

with rice

Snacks for dogs made in Spain. Snacks for dogs made in Spain.Gluten-free dog food. Gluten-free dog food.Non-GMO products for dogsTrans Fat Free Products for DogsRich in Omega 3 and 6 products for dogsNatural Source of Oleic Acid Products for DogsHypoallergenic product for dogs
Serrano Sticks individual duck meat snacks for dogs

Meat 72% (min. 25% duck meat), rice, vegetable glycerin. Additives: Preservatives: propionic acid, calcium formate, citric acid. Nutritional additives: oregano oil.

Analytical components:

Protein: 26.8%, crude fat: 7.4%, raw ash: 10.1%, fiber: 1.0%, moisture: 18.4%, 310 Kcal/100 g, omega 6: 0.54 g/100 g, omega 9: 1.7 g/100 g.

Daily dosage:

1-10 kg: up to 2 units.

11-20 kg: up to 3 units.

21-30 kg: up to 5 units.

+ 30 kg: up to 6 units.

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