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Artero Defender Pad Repair Cream

Repairing and moisturizing cream for the nose, pads and elbows of your dog and cat

The proven solution to restore your pet's damaged skin.

In addition to the nose, pads and elbows, it can be used on localized areas for hair loss, scarring or insect bites.

Its use is simple. Simply clean the affected surface and apply the cream with a small massage, leaving a film of cream to cover the skin.

Care of dog and cat pads

The pads of dogs and cats act as soles if they wore shoes. They are made of thick skin that can withstand daily exercise, but can be damaged in harsh situations. For example, dogs that play sports, animals that walk on asphalt in the warmer months or on icy or snowy surfaces in the winter, as well as those that walk in areas where there is a lot of gravels.

You will know that the pads are not in good condition if you notice thickening of the skin, cracks, sores or if your pet limps or refuses to go for walks.

Defender reduces pain and inflammation and regenerates affected areas.

Truffle care

The nose is a hairless area that is very exposed to the sun and is constantly rubbed against surfaces when the animal smells. It is common for the skin to become dry and cracked, even causing bumps. Defender will be able to remedy all these conditions.

Elbow care

Elbow lesions occur in pets that support their weight by lying on their elbows, leading to thickening of the skin and hair loss. By carrying out daily treatment and providing a padded bed for your pet, you will be able to regenerate the skin and hair in the affected area.

This cream uses the antiseptic, healing and moisturizing power of Aloe Vera to treat and close wounds and cracks on the soles of the feet, nose and elbows.

Shea butter and petroleum jelly superhydrate the skin, creating a film that prevents evaporation and helps prolong the effect of the cream for hours.

Calaminar thought deflates and relaxes the skin, eliminating itching and pain caused by friction.

USE: Suitable for dogs and cats with dry noses, cracked soles, calluses on the elbows, hair loss, bites, eczema, scars, etc.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: shea butter, aloe vera oil, petroleum jelly and calaminar pansy

EFFECT: Repairs, regenerates, soothes itching, heals and moisturizes

DIRECTIONS: apply by massage just on the affected point once or twice a day until recovery.

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