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VanCat Fresh Clumping Litter 10 Kg (11.8 L)

icône fraîche

Clumping cat litter with high liquid absorption capacity. The essence molecules contained in the scented grains added to it act when they come into contact with the liquid, providing a fresh scent to the environment.

Since the grain distribution from coarse to fine allows the liquid on the surface to pass immediately to the bottom, it completely eliminates problems such as mud and sticking to the legs.

Thanks to the natural mineral montmorillonite in its structure, it retains all kinds of bad odors.

It is produced with advanced technology and packaged intact and offered for use.

Produced from 100% national resources.

It has the ISO9001-2015 quality certificate and
the TSE K-77 product certificate.

Customer Reviews

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Jehane Abid

La meilleure litière que je n'ai jamais utilisé, et pourtant j'en ai testé plusieurs. Mon chat et moi l'avons adopté dès la première utilisation.

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