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PET COOL MAT cooling mat

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The pet cooling pad works by absorbing body heat and dissipating it into the air through evaporation from areas of the cooling pad that are not in use.

The tough, durable mat contains a non-toxic cooling gel that does not require water, gel or electricity to activate.

The surface can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Cooling mats are useful for cooling your pet on a hot day or can aid in the treatment of medical conditions that respond well to cooling.

Your pet's body temperature will eventually cause the mat to warm up, so it is best to remove it from the pet and allow the air temperature to "recharge" it, which will bring the temperature back down.

For conservation:

Sprinkle water on the surface or use a soft sponge to clean it. Abluent can be used, but if there is any residue, please dry it with a towel after washing. Do not expose it to the blazing sun.

Customer Reviews

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Aga S
Really helps in warm days

It's not first mat what we v got. we use it special on summer time when it's really warm outside, we use it in a car is well. Great!

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