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Puppy Shampoo, Sweet Almond Extract. 300ml

With Sweet Almond extract, without paraben or silicone, the VETOCANIS puppy shampoo respects the balance of its skin, and enhances its coat. The shampoo makes the coat soft and shiny without damaging it.
300 ml format.
Advantage 1 PH neutral
Advantage 2 0% Paraben 0% Silicone
Advantage 3 Suitable for all hair types
picto advantage 1 Made in France

Description :

THE VETOCANIS Puppy Shampoo is formulated with plant extracts known for their gentleness, to care for the sensitive skin of your small animal.

Which shampoo for my puppy?

When grooming your puppy , it is recommended to use a shampoo specially formulated for puppies .
These shampoos are gentle, non-irritating and suitable for the sensitive skin of young dogs . Our VETOCANIS puppy shampoos are specially formulated to respect your young dog and provide him with the care his coat needs.

Puppy shampoo with Sweet Almond Extract, a composition that is respectful of your young dog.

Horse chestnut increases hair resistance .
Sweet almond is very hydrating for your puppy's skin.
Marigold forms a protective barrier on the skin.
Our Puppy Shampoo is formulated without silicone or paraben, for the greatest respect for your animal and the planet .
With its neutral pH , it is perfectly suited to your dog's skin.

Neutral pH, formulated without silicone or paraben, for the greatest respect for animals and nature.
Suitable for all hair types.
300ml format

When should I wash my puppy with my Vetocanis shampoo?

We recommend bathing your puppy ideally once a month .
Each time, you will ensure that he maintains healthy skin and you will check the good condition of his skin. Check if it has external parasites, lesions,...
However, if your puppy gets dirty a lot or has an unpleasant odor, you can bathe him more frequently.
Washing your puppy more frequently with our special Vetocanis puppy shampoo does not represent any risk for your animal. Our puppy shampoo is suitable for all hair types .
Don't forget to prepare everything you need before the bath, such as clean towels, a brush suitable for his coat type, and treats to reward him after the bath.

How do I wash my puppy?

To wash your puppy with Vetocanis puppy shampoo, apply the shampoo to wet fur, massage and rinse.
Repeat the operation with another shampoo. Leave the puppy shampoo on for 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
Avoid contact with mucous membranes.
Dry your puppy with a clean towel.

To get your puppy used to bathing, here are some useful tips:
Start early : Introduce bathing as soon as possible into your puppy's life. This will help him get used to the process from a young age.
Create a positive environment : Make sure the bathing experience is enjoyable for your puppy. Choose a quiet, comfortable place, use lukewarm water and reassure your puppy with caresses and gentle words.
Familiarize him with water : Before bathing your puppy, familiarize him with water by letting him play in a small amount of shallow water.
Reward him with treats or positive praise to reinforce a positive association with water.
Use suitable products: Use a gentle Vetocanis shampoo specially designed for puppies. Avoid harsh or irritating products that could harm your puppy's sensitive skin.
Introduce the bath gradually : Start by gently wetting your puppy using a small amount of water. Then, gently apply the shampoo by gently massaging his coat. Rinse thoroughly to remove any shampoo residue.
Reward and praise : After bathing, reward your puppy with a treat or praise to reinforce the positive behavior associated with bathing.
Be patient : Every puppy reacts differently to bathing. Be patient and progress at your own pace.
By following these tips, you can help your puppy gradually get used to bathing and associate the experience with something positive and comforting.

All our Shampoos are made in France, in Alsace, and under Veterinary Control.

Composition :


Usage tips :

Apply the shampoo to wet fur, massage and rinse.

Repeat the operation, leave to act for 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Precautions for use:

Can produce an allergic reaction. Causes serious eye damage. If you consult a doctor, have the container or label available.

Keep out of reach of children. Read the label before use. Wear eye protection equipment.

IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor immediately.

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