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Pelù ZANZAASTOP Scented Anti-Hair Roller

Scented Adhesive Lint Brush: For Pets and More!

Ideal for the summer season.

Technical characteristics

This adhesive brush is made with premium Italian scented silicone paper.

The medical grade adhesive is enriched with pure essential oils, including geranium and lemongrass.
Optimal adhesive for use in cold and hot weather.
Easy detachment of the used sheet.
Length: 10 meters, or more than 60 pre-cut sheets.

Application fields

Directly on cat and dog fur, kennels, sofas, clothing, car seats, prams, strollers, sheets...

Two functions

Specially designed for four-legged friends...and for us.

  1. Used directly on the animal's coat, it removes already loose hair, deodorizes, cleans and polishes the hair.
  2. Releases on the animal's coat a mixture of plant extracts which exert a protective action, ideal for the summer season.

Also essential for clothing and fabrics.


Practical shockproof and non-stick hard shell with anti-aroma cap.


Captivating bone shape, in line with the world of pets. Produced in three pieces to ensure maximum softness.
Hanging hook.

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