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Silica Gel Litter Ocean Scent 3.8 L

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Absorbs liquids and odors

  • No bad odors and non-toxic

  • Remove only solid waste

Highly absorbent and controls odors:

The millions of microscopic pores in each grain quickly absorb liquids like a sponge. Odors and impurities are trapped inside! No more urine-soaked clay. Silica gel cat litter keeps your air and environment clean.

No tracking and dust free:

Thanks to the special size and shape of the silica cat litter, it does not stick to your cat's fur and paws and no dust irritates your cat's eyes and nose.

Natural and safe:

Silica gel cat litter is 100% natural, biodegradable, without any toxicity and environmentally friendly.

Instructions :

1. Fill your cat's litter box with litter to a depth of 3.5 to 4cm.

2. Place the litter box in a dry, warm place.

3. Remove your cat's dried feces every day to keep the tray always clean and fresh.

4. Replace with fresh litter.

Special note:

1. Always use super absorbent protection under silica litter.

2. Keep the litter box and unused litter in a moisture-free area.

3. Clean and dry the litter box thoroughly before filling it again.

To help your cat get used to the new litter, you can mix the old litter with the silica cat litter. For more than one cat, it is advisable to throw out used litter more often instead of using more litter in the box.

Important reminder :

For hygiene reasons, it is best to wear rubber gloves and always lace your hands immediately after cleaning/emptying the box or handling the litter.

Pregnant women are recommended to follow these hygiene tips when handling litter boxes. Keep litter boxes away from babies and young children.

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assia kaddouri

Entièrement satisfaite.

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