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AK Fine Grain Clumping Litter Scented With Marseille Soap 10 KG

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Large grain cat litter scented with Marseille soap

Product Features :
THICK grain cat litter has high absorbency, hard and fast lumps.

Due to its high suction power, it lasts a long time and is economical. 10 kg of Akkum cat litter is equivalent to 30 kg of regular cat litter.
It has poor odor control, when urine comes in contact with sand, clumping occurs instantly, the soil traps the bad odor.
Features a baby powder scent. If the sand comes into contact with the liquid, it will smell like baby powder.
Akkum cat litter has anti-allergic properties. Formulated from 100% natural bentonite clay.
Akkum coarse grain cat litter is homogeneous. It is 100% dust free. It does not pollinate in any way.
· It is hygienic. AK cat litter prevents the growth of microbes caused by residue and prevents sand from coming out of the container with hard lumps.
It is composed of natural white bentonite minerals extracted from mining sites.

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