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AK Clumping Fine Grain Litter Scented With Lavender 10 KG

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Lavender Scented Fine Grain Cat Litter

Akkum sand has high absorbency, hard and fast lumps. It is an ideal sand specially prepared for the needs of pets. Contains a pleasant lavender scent. It does not pollinate or stick to your cat's paws. This is one of the sands that cats will not have difficulty with.

· 100% Natural - White Bentonite
· 99.5% dust free
· 0.6mm. - 2.25mm. pellets
· 350-380% Liquid absorption capacity
· Economical use
· Super bonding
· Natural odor control
· Density ; 850-880 gr./lt.

Fill your cat's litter box with 7 cm of Akkum.
Collect the lumps every day and fill the box up to 7 cm with Akkum.

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Tres bonne litière

Tres bonne litière que je recommande.

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