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Ferribiella Wipes - Multi-Purpose With Chlorhexidine – Dog & Cat

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Wet wipes for cleaning dogs and cats. Versatile with Chlorhexidine.


Hydration and disinfection with chlorhexidine.

Ferribiella soft wipes are pH neutral and do not contain alcohol. Designed for daily cleaning of your dog, cat or puppy.
They eliminate dirt, secretions and impurities according to the ISO-ocular PH without causing irritation or allergy. They clean, refresh, deodorize and make the coat shiny, the paws and face more beautiful and all parts more sensitive. It leaves no odor on the coat, bothers animals or people, cleans without foaming, is emollient, detangles, does not require rinsing, ideal for hygiene, when traveling and during free time, before returning home in your car or at home.

Free from colorants, parabens, sodium sulphide (SLES).

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