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Serrano Liver Treats for Cats 50 G

MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL Serrano Snacks for cats are presented in small pieces, ideal for tasting due to their size, texture and flavor.

Composed of meat and fish cooked at low temperature, they provide all the nutrients of the raw material and constitute the ideal food supplement for your cat.

They are gluten-free, without artificial colors, without GMOs, without trans fatty acids.

They come in four flavors: chicken, liver, sardine and salmon and tuna. The first two are a hypoallergenic snack and fish provide Omega 3 and 6 in ideal proportions, highly beneficial for your cat's health.

Furthermore, they contain ingredients that help prevent hairball formation , promoting good gastrointestinal functioning.

With meat and fish

With some natural antioxidants

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58% chicken meat, 16% pork liver, rice, vegetable glycerin, sugar cane fiber, brewer's yeast. Additives: Preservatives: calcium formate, citric acid. Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 8600ui/kg; Vitamin D3 900iu/kg; Vitamin E 55ui/kg, rosemary, oregano oil.

Analytical constituents:

Protein: 27.7%, Fat: 7.4%, Crude ash: 10.7%, Fiber: 2.57%, Moisture: 7.4%, 365 Kcal/100g. calcium: 1.8g/100g, phosphorus: 1.2g/100g, magnesium: 0.12g/100g, omega6: 0.45g/100g.

Power Guide:

Give multiple treats as desired for fun or as a complementary food.

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