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Rubber cat collar with bell.

Anti-strangulation (system allowing the cat to free itself)


Why put a collar on your cat?

  • The first reason concerns all cats who go outdoors. The collar allows you to identify at first glance that it is not a stray or lost cat. and he's just doing his usual little stroll.
    In addition, you can easily add an identification system with your contact details. You can also simply write them on the inside of the necklace with a pen or a permanent marker (the inside is made of smooth rubber).
  • Simply by personal taste. To add a colorful accessory that the cat does very well.

The anti-choke system

To put on the necklace, simply pass the strap through the metal buckle and tighten to the correct size: you must be able to pass 1 finger or 1 1/2 finger. Check from time to time that the collar is adjusted correctly. There is no closure system with holes and a metal stick. Under normal conditions, the rubber material means that the collar stays in place without problem. But if the cat finds itself stuck in an obstacle, by pulling, it will be able to free itself.

The necklace comes with a small bell that you can easily remove if you wish.

In terms of appearance, the necklace is decorated with small multicolored designs in light relief of cat heads, a bird and stars.

Suitable for all sizes of cats (except kittens)

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