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Transport Cage for Cats and Small Dogs (5kg)

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Transport cage for cats and small dogs. Scratch-resistant plastic with brightly colored elements.


32 x 47 x h 29 cm


  • Carrier for cats and small dogs to travel in any means of transport, car, train, plane or boat
  • Made of sturdy, scratch-resistant plastic, practical and lightweight at the same time
  • Innovative design with brightly colored hooks and handle
  • Transparent impact-resistant door equipped with ventilation holes, which allows visibility of your pet inside
  • Ventilation grilles for an optimal, well-ventilated environment
  • Rounded shape for maximum comfort for your dog or cat
  • Door equipped with safety locking clips
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Heavy-duty safety locking hooks on sides
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning
  • ECO-DURABLE: made from recycled plastic
  • It is possible to add a shoulder strap to insert into the special holes on the upper part of the container
  • Available in different sizes with trendy colorful elements
  • Maximum capacity Jet 10: 5 Kg
  • Maximum capacity Jet 20: 8 Kg
  • Jet 10 net weight: 0.87 kg
  • Net weight of Jet 20: 1.25 Kg
  • Note: For air shipping, contact your airline to ensure the carrier can be shipped


Are you traveling with Fido or Kitty? If you are going on vacation or a short stay, don't hesitate, the Jet aircraft carrier is ready to become your adventure companion! This is an innovative container, ideal for cats and small dogs, made of scratch-resistant plastic with a rounded shape to ensure maximum comfort for your friend and put him at ease. The large ventilation grilles on the roof and side walls have been designed for optimal ventilation. Jet is complete with a completely transparent plastic door, designed to resist impacts and allows great visibility of your pet; the door is also equipped with useful ventilation holes.
The Jet pet crate is both sturdy and lightweight, ideal for carrying with you on many occasions, equipped with strong side hooks and safety hooks on the door that keep the crate securely closed to prevent any accidental opening during travel. On top, Jet has a sturdy handle for easy carrying. If necessary, the handle can be easily unhooked and stored in the special compartment at the top of the container: this takes up less space. Finally, the upper part of the container has special holes for adding a shoulder strap: if you wish, you can then carry Jet comfortably on your shoulder.
The Jet hard luggage rack is available in different sizes with trendy bright colored details. Ideal for taking your friend with you on the most common means of transport, car, train, boat or plane.
Please note: before leaving with your pet, we advise you to compare the dimensions of the product with those accepted by the chosen airline.

Jet is an eco-sustainable product: it is in fact produced with a high percentage of materials from industrial recycling and post-consumer, to safeguard the environment in which we live with our animal friends.

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