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Aurigel - Ear Cleaner For Dogs 100 ML

Ear canal cleaner for dogs.
Aurigel is specific for cleaning the ear pinna in dogs.
Easy to apply and precise.
This gel liquefies upon contact with the skin, resulting in rapid penetration and emulsification of excess wax and dirt.
Thanks to its extremely gentle non-ionic surfactant, it cleanses while respecting epidermal balance.
Contains natural ingredients.
Suitable for dogs of all breeds.
Does not stain.
Presentation with dispenser.

Apply sufficient quantity of Artero Aurigel into the ear canal without it overflowing.
Massage the base of the ear, thus promoting its emulsion with dirt and cerumenolytic action.
The emulsion will naturally flow outwards.
Remove with a dry sterile towel or gauze.
The frequency of use is determined by the animal itself, generally a weekly application of Artero Aurigel is correct to maintain good hygiene.

Contains among other ingredients:
Tea tree oil, popularly with penetrating germicidal, bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect.
Natural antiseptic.
Its cleansing and decongestant qualities as well as its repellent effect on insects and parasites make it an ideal active ingredient in the formulation of Artero Aurigel.

Particular care should be given to the area of ​​the folds and furrows of the cartilage.
Do not use a cotton swab, as you risk drawing dirt in, which will have the opposite effect of the desired results.
Not suitable for cats.
Exclusive use for dogs.

Important :
Our Artero cosmetics line does not contain mink oil.

Artero is a company that respects the environment. Thus, in addition to taking care of the skin and hair of pets, we also take care of the well-being and the environment around us, respecting the planet by adopting aluminum and/or PE plastic packaging. or PET C for our Artero Cosmetics and Artero Complements line.
Help us complete the chain by properly recycling used packaging.

Buy with confidence: 100% Artero guarantee.
Artero is a Spanish company with over 100 years of experience in the world of grooming.

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