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1/2 HAM BONES 200G

Serrano ham is high in protein and has many benefits for dog health (including better fur and skin). Serrano ham bones are ideal for strengthening your pet's teeth while eliminating tartar .
MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL Serrano Ham bones are not boiled, but are subjected to a natural drying process in order to retain all their nutritional values ​​and prevent them from breaking so easily when chewed or digested by your pet of company.

Mediterranean Natural, in collaboration with the Department of Animal Physiology of the University of Murcia, has carried out a fracture resistance study of our serrano ham bone whose results show that they are safe for dogs as long as they are administered according to our recommendations (each bone is indicated for dogs of different sizes).

Serrano Ham Bones from MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL are a product 100% natural and hypoallergenic . They are a natural source of oleic acid and gluten-free product.

Serrano ham 100%

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Serrano ham.

Analytical constituents:

Protein 28.6%, crude fat 26.1%, moisture 10.4%, crude ash 30.6%.

Nutritional value and benefits:

Excellent source of protein, phosphorus and calcium. Ideal for removing tartar and strengthening gums.

Recommended amount:

We recommend one bone per week.


Being a natural product, the bone may break. In this case, immediately remove the small pieces of bone.

Breaking strength test:

2.08 knots = 212 kg.

Study method:

Indirect traction analysis using a multi-volume electric press with a 20 ton load cell Servois ME-402/20. Test carried out by the University of Murcia.

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